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Sky EPG Number v Transponder Listing

Sky Transponder Updates

In future, members can access live Sky Transponder news via the following link: Sky Transponder Listing


Latest Tweets

Another potential scam to be aware of has come to light this morning. Bank customers are receiving messages saying a payment has not been taken. When you touch the link, they are taking your money. CAI are not saying this to be true, but it may be, and we wanted to warn all!

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Hi to all #CAImembers. Just a reminder that if you need to get hold of us, despite all working remotely, just use the usual office number of 01923 803030 or email office@cai.org.uk, we are more than happy to help where we can, thanks - CAI Team.

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#Update 700 Mhz Clearance Program update Members in some parts of the country will be pleased to hear that Ofcom have released the following statement: For full information see below;

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