Webro Cables & Connectors - LSNH version of WF100 coaxial cable

product WebroWF100LSNH BlackThe LSNH version of our flagship WF100 coaxial cable has been approved to Euroclass ‘Dca’ as part of the CPR regulations.

Comprised of a 1.00mm plain annealed copper conductor, foamed polyethylene insulation,  a plain copper foil tape  first screen, and  plain copper wire braid second screen, and an LSNH sheath, Webro class ‘Dca’ rated WF100 is available in a range of sheath colours.

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Webro Cables & Connectors
Tel: 0115 972 4483

Antiference Ltd - New solutions for HDMI distribution

Antiference have just introduced three brand new solutions for HDMI distribution starting with 2,4 and 8 way HDCP 2.2 splitters that share UHD signals, perfect for SKY Q  distribution in full 4K quality. 

A wireless sender giving HDMI wireless point to point extender which sends signals up to 50m away (range can vary due to obstacles and other wireless devices in range) with IR control included it is ideal for transmitting where cabling is an issue like a church, school or temporary installation. 

Also introduced into the range is an extender splitter which can be used over CAT6 cable delivering a single HDMI source to 4 locations up to 50m away, comes complete with IR accessories and POE receivers.

 product antiference HDMI0102SV2 product antiference HDMI0104SCAT   product antiference HDMIWS

For all sales and enquiries on these new products contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  01675 465487.

Antiference Ltd
Tel: 01675 465487

Triax UK Ltd - New PLUS Range of Cables

product triax lus cableThe new coaxials from Triax are CE marked and meet the new EU fire standard, TRIAX have launched their new PLUS range of TX100 and RG6 cables.  TRIAX PLUS cables have been tested and classified Eca according to the EN50575 Construction Products Regulation (CPR), in force from 1st July 2017.  This means they can be used for internal and external installation.  TX100 will be available late July and RG6 from mid-August.

Triax UK Ltd
Tel: 0845 601 0578

Webro Cables & Connectors - Standard Range of Cables from Webro

Tproduct WF100 LSF Blackhe Construction Projects Regulations (CPR) come into force on 1st July 2017, and from this date, manufacturers will not be able to supply cable that is not tested, certified, and marked in accordance with the CPR standards.

The standard Webro rance of cables will include products approved to levels Fca (PVC), Eca (LSF) to Dca (LSNH), our offering will expand to level Bca for special environment cables on request.

As a Brand-Rex distributor we also have 'B2ca' Cat8 and 'Cca' rated Cat6a as part of our range of CPR-compliant cable.

Webro are ready for CPR, and can deliver the CPR-compliant cable you need.  If you're unsure of your obligations under CPR, download the Webro Guide to CPR, now.

Link to CPR FAQ

Webro Cables & Connectors
Tel: 0115 972 4483

Fracarro UK Ltd - Compact 5 input multiswitch, SWP5..QD Series

product fracarro compact5 input switchSWP5..QD is the new 5 input compact multiswitches range, designed to fulfil every installation requirement in small and medium sized distribution systems.

The range includes three versions with 8, 12 and 16 outputs.

It’s main characteristic is the compatibility with QUAD LNBs (UX-QD LTE) and QUATTRO (UX-QT LTE) LNBs, thanks to built in DiSEqC tone generator.

The “matrix system” with both sided output and the external power supply allow to reduce significantly the needed installation space.

All the products have active Satellite and TV gain to guarantee the same level as the input to the output

Furthermore, very low power consumption are guaranteed thanks to the internal circuit for automatic remote power supply to the SAT and TV lines.

Fracarro UK Ltd
Tel: 01908 571571

Fracarro UK Ltd - OPT-RX SCD2: Home Fibre – SCD2 (dCSS) new optical receiver

product fracarro opt rx scd2.jpgFracarro innovative home fibre optic system has been designed for its simplicity of installation from the head end to the wall outlet. The system uses a conventional LNB and dish assembly requiring no special optical alignment tools. It is capable of carrying all satellite and terrestrial signals through a single 9/125 glass fibre. Additional transmitters can be cascaded using a standard 5 core co-axial back bone giving greater flexibility in system design to supply a large number of outlets.

The OPT-RX SCD2 new optical receiver converts the optical input RF signal  into 2 dCSS outputs. The receiver makes the TVSAT signal available for 16 users, for a total of 32 frequencies, for each output.

Fracarro UK Ltd
Tel: 01908 571571

Antiference Ltd - New DVBT/T2 Mini Terrestrial Receiver with Media Player

product antiference dvbt t2Antiference has introduced a new DVBT/T2 mini terrestrial receiver the DVB01 and has been designed to be a stand-alone receiver or to work with the Conexer or Minimod modulator range.  This receiver is ideal for upgrading your standard definition TV to high definition.

Features include:

  • Fully Compliant with DVB-T2 and DVB-T
  • USB 2.0 supported for upgrade, PVR and time shifting, Playback and record 
  • Support Parental Control, Teletext, Subtitle
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Software upgrade (OAD or USB)
  • Program editor
  • Support Favourites Group

All sales & enquires can be made at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 01675 465487.

Antiference Ltd
Tel: 01675 465487

Global Invacom - FibreIRS Redundancy Switch

product global invacom fibreirs redundancy switchThe NEW Global Invacom FibreIRS Redundancy Switch detects RF and optical power outages and switches automatically between the antennas (with an adjustable delay for switching back) The product has two LED’s showing the currently operating antenna. Useable with other products in the range such as the ODU32.

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510

Global Invacom - FibreIRS SwitchBlade

product global invacom fibreirs switchbladeThe Global Invacom FibreIRS SwitchBlade, a unique design that allows satellites to be added as and when required up to a maximum of four satellites. Switchblade can be used in conjunction with both the ODU32 or Optical LNB and incorporates Frequency Morphing Technology (FMT) that allows the SwitchBlade system to be programmed for use anywhere in the world.

Two versions are available an 8 output and 16 output version.

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510

Global Invacom - FibreIRS dSCR GTU

product global invacom fibreirs dcsrThe New Global Invacom FibreIRS dSCR GTU comes with a white cover and converts optical power to RF power (4 satellite bands and FM,DAB,DTT). Terrestrial signals are overlaid onto both output ports. All units have built in AGC which allows a wide dynamic range of optical levels without affecting output power and quality. One LED indicator allows the user to monitor the status of the unit. Able to work in legacy, analogue SCR (aSCR) and digital SCR (dSCR) MODES. 

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510

Global Invacom - FibreIRS dCSS Adapter

product global invacom fibreirs dcss adapterThe New Global Invacom FibreIRS dCSS adapter has been designed to work with the SwitchBlade fibre multiswitch system to enable full Digital Channel Stacking functionality. It is also compatible for use with a standard multiswitch, DBS Quad/Quatro LNB and Quad/Quatro GTU’s.

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510


Promax Electronics UK Ltd - First with 4K picture display

product promax rangerneo 4kPromax announced at the recent ANGA congress in cologne that the RangerNEO series of analysers are the world's first analysers to display 4k UHD pictures.  This FREE firmware upgrade is available for all analysers in the NEO range and takes the form of a frame grabber that grabs and displays a full resolution frame every few seconds.  This great feature allows installers to easily show customers the 4k signal is within specification and visually prove it despite maybe the customer not having a 4k complaint device.

Promax Electronics UK Ltd
Tel: 01727 832266

Eurosat Distribution Ltd - New Inverto Unicable II - Sky Q Compatible Multiswitch

541220IM ISKY UST110 CUO4O 16P1024Eurosat are distributing the new Inverto Unicable II 5412 DCSS Multiswitch. The switch is cascadable with Terrestrial input and 4 x Sky dSCR/SatCR/Legacy + Terrestrial outputs.

The Multiswitch connects to a Quattro LNB and also offers a Terrestrial input port for reception of UHF/DAB/Radio. The terrestrial signal can be amplified through a dedicated ON/OFF switch and is combined to each of the 4 output ports.

The Multiswitch can be powered through a DC input port, any of the trunk outputs or from STB outputs (using a power inserter). The Multiswitch features a special power diagnosis test mode upon start up and auto detect dSCR/SatCR/Legacy output ports.

Each output has a status LED: Solid Green=Legacy, Blinking Green=DSCR.

An 8 way version is expected later this summer.

Eurosat Distribution Ltd
Tel: 020 8208 4444


Antiference Ltd - DMHD01R

product dmhd01rAntiference have added to their successful range of Conexer modulators with the all new DMHD01R single HDMI to DVB-T Modulator.  The IR control which gives you the ability to control the likes of a SkyQ (1080p) box via a distribution amp with magic eyes.  It offers a host of original new features for creating your own TV channels from a HDMI source which can be supplied over a RF coaxial cable network to digital TV sets or STB’s in the system.  The loop through to a local TV is a great feature and combined with USB playback and instant record, it makes a perfect solution for digital signage.  With integral full IR remote control through allows numerous TV’s to change channel remotely and supported with premium Dolby compatibility, this modulator is packed full of so much more than the competition.

Antiference Ltd
Tel: 01675 465 487

Humax - HB-1100S Freesat Smart TV Box

product Humax HB 1100S Freesat TVHumax has upgraded its popular Freesat receiver with the launch of the HUMAX HB-1100S Smart TV Box. The new ‘zapper’ has been redesigned in a more compact form, and now integrates Wi-Fi connectivity for direct access to Freesat’s extensive on-demand and catch-up services. Delivering more than 200 subscription-free satellite TV and radio channels (14 in HD), the HB-1100S is an affordable way to receive a host of additional content. Users can plan their viewing via the smart on-screen TV guide, and select their preferences using the guide for up to eight days ahead. Furthermore, viewers can catch up on programmes they may have missed with Freesat’s seven-day roll-back TV guide, and enjoy hours of high quality pay content from Netflix, YouTube, Wuaki, Hopster and Curzon Home Cinema, as well as a host of HUMAX apps. The HB-1100S is perfect as a second room Freesat box, thanks to its easy set-up and streaming capabilities. Pairing it with the Freesat app gives owners the freedom to control and plan their TV viewing while on the move directly from a smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Fire), while also transforming the mobile device into a remote control for the set-top box. SRP: £99.00

Humax Electronics Co Ltd
Tel: 0333 577 7545

Icecrypt Ltd - HDM100

product icecrypt hdm100The Icecrypt HDM100 Digital Modulator with IR is now available from Turbosat and other distributors. Key features include:

  • Distribute your Full High Definition pictures to other TVs over your existing coax network.
  • Perfect for Sky, Virgin, Freesat, CCTV and any other video source with HDMI Output.
  • Remote control IR extender included – control your existing equipment from a remote location.
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications with LCN and Variable Output Level.
  • Simple and Installer Menu modes to enable fully configurable settings including Network Name, Audio/Video Bitrates, PIDs and Channel Name.
  • Update settings by USB and copy to multiple devices.

Full details can be seen at

Icecrypt Ltd
Tel: 01795 429666

Teldis, A Division of Megalith Ltd - SQS

Tproduct teldis SQSeldis will be showing the new SQS Sky Q capable multiswitches available in single and twin user port versions at Evolving Connectivity on Wednesday 26th April 2017 in Birmingham. Tiny cases and tiny PSU’s are the characteristics of the SQS range. Thanks to its unique design and proprietary A2CSS chipset, cool running is assured so fans and high capacity power supplies are not needed, even with all 16 user bands enabled.

Find out more about Evolving Connectivity at  

Teldis, a division of Megalith Ltd
Tel: 01892 511411

Teldis, A Division of Megalith Ltd - ZyPer4K

product teldis ZyPer4KZeeVee continue to develop and refine the ZyPer4K platform. The ZyPer4K is currently the only platform capable of offering uncompressed HD and 4K content in IP capable of using optical architecture. With a latency of only 30 milliseconds it finally addresses the issues of unacceptable delay in ‘live event’ based transmission networks. Of course signage and video wall options are bundled into the SW package so now all your connected screens can become advertising portals. Showing at EC for the first time is a single point to point 4k demonstration.

Teldis, a division of Megalith Ltd
Tel: 01892 511411

Triax UK Ltd - Humax Set Top Boxes

products triax humaxHumax the Brand leader in set top boxes, will debut two all new products to enhance both our Freeview Play and Freesat ranges with improved UI, apps and content. These exciting new products will revitalise the Freesat ‘Zapper’ market and reinstate our commitment to the growing Freeview Play platform.

Humax invites CAI members to experience the wide range of Humax products at this year’s Evolving Connectivity that offer the best in class within the STB market across the best Free to air platforms including: Freesat, Freeview Play and YouView. These products and more will be available for demonstration at stand 18, Traix UK Ltd at Evolving Connectivity on Wednesday 26th April. To find out more about this trade event, visit

Triax UK Ltd
Tel: 0845 601 0578

Teldis, A Division of Megalith Ltd - WISI OM 10 0646 Transmodulator

product teldisFull product name - WISI OM 10 0646 Transmodulator 6x DVB-S/S2 – 6x COFDM + 4 CI

The OM 10 0646 is a micro headend which can transmodulate 6 DVB-S/S2 transponders into 6 DVB-T (COFDM) packages. As it comes with 4 CI slots, it is perfectly suited for the central decryption of pay-tv services. There is also the possibility to create a multiplex before the CI slots allowing the user to combine services from different transponders but to decrypt them by only one smartcard, hereby guaranteeing the efficient usage of professional CAMs. Additionally the OM 10 supports the deletion of unwanted services from a transponder and enables the reduction of output channels by using the output multiplex functionality. External video content can be fed in over USB as a transport stream.

Teldis, a division of Megalith Ltd
Tel: 01892 511411

Chevron Distribution Ltd - Whyte Technologies Multiswitch

product chevron distWhyte has launched it's Series 5 Multiswitch range which is universally flexible and is designed to be used in small, medium to large Integrated Reception Systems (IRS). Whyte Multiswitches can be used as Standalone Multiswitches when powered directly via the18V Auxiliary Input by using a Whyte 0.8A Power Supply Unit (model WPSU-0.8A). Whyte offers these in 8, 12, 16 and 24 way units. To find our more view their 5 series range -

Chevron Distribution Ltd
Tel: 0330 999 1980

Icecrypt Ltd - S4000HDPVR Linux OS HD Satellite Recorder

product icecryptIcecrypt launches the S4000HDPVR Linux OS HD Satellite Recorder with the following highlights:

  • 500gb, 1tb or 2tb HDD High Definition Satellite PVR Receiver
  • Supports MPEG4/MPEG2 – HD/SD, DVB-S2/DVB-S
  • Embedded Linux OS & Ethernet port
  • Twin Tuner HDTV PVR Receiver (H.264/MPEG4 HD)
  • Time Shifting, Recording & Playback with Internal HDD (SATA)/External HDD (USB 2.0)

Full specification and product information can be found on the following link,

Icecrypt Ltd
Tel: 01795 429666

Triax UK Ltd - ECO T5 Multiswitch Series

product triaxSimplify your IRS Installations with the new adjustable tap.

This new range is designed with the latest chipset technology and offers financial gains for your business - saving you time and rationalising the products required.

Traditionally installs required a designated tap value per floor for balancing a system. The new, innovative TRIAX adjustable tap enables the same tap to be used on all floors, creating a balanced system with excellent linearity across all polarities. Active, unity gain 5 input cascade switches are available in 5 sizes up to 32 outputs.

Supplied with a 3 year warranty.

Compatible with the TRIAX dSCR ‘add on’ multiswitch for Sky Q without altering existing 5 wire IRS systems (307368 - TMDS 42C).

Triax UK Ltd
Tel: 0845 601 0578

Televes UK Ltd - Avant Upgrade

product televes avantTeleves have upgraded their popular filtered amplifier – Avant9.  In order to make the configuration easier, it can now be programmed via mobile phone or computer and in some versions it will automatically program itself. Other improvements are the rejection of the filters, power consumption and size reduction.  

You can get more information from the dedicated website:
Televes UK Ltd
Tel: 0845 601 0578

Promax Electronics UK Ltd - Ranger Eco & Ranger Neo Lite

product promax ranger ecoPromax have some new meters on the way.  The HD RANGER Eco is a universal field strength meter that covers a comprehensive mix of broadcast standards found around the globe. The latest developments in broadcast technology such as DVB-T2/C2/S2, DVB-T/C/S with MPEG-2 as well as MPEG-4 video are managed effortlessly within the product.  One of the most noticeable features on the new HD RANGER Eco product is the ultra-fast spectrum analyser.  As soon as you use the analyser you will experience this outstanding feature as one of the major changes adopted in the new product allowing you to sweep faster and more accurately.  The introduction of the latest technology within the product allows you to display multiple screens either overlapped together or in a 7” split screen format.  At only £1250 the ‘Eco’ is a lot of meter for your money.

Promax Electronics UK Ltd 
Tel: 01727 832266

Televes UK Ltd - Nevoswitch

product televesTeleves have added to their successful Nevoswitch range of multi-switches. The new 8dB tap will allow us to expand their cascade plans even more or add a dSCR multi-switch to an existing system when required - with minimum insertion losses.  There is DC pass on all legs in cascade and directional DC pass on terrestrial and vertical low on the tap outputs allows plenty of powering options.  Click on this link for more detail,

Televes UK Ltd
Tel: 0845 601 0578

Grax Ltd - PROMAX Meter Servicing

product grax promaxGrax is now an official Promax Service Centre. If you need your PROMAX meter calibrating give them a call or drop it off at one of their depots and we will arrange for service or calibration. Grax have depots in Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. 

Current costs for Calibrations are below with the option of a Calibration certificate should you need it;

  • HD Ranger Lite £130
  • HD Ranger+ £150
  • HD Ranger 2 £195
  • TV Explorer £120
  • TVE 2/2+/SE £140
  • TVE HD/LE £165
  • TVE HD+ £185
  • HDR2 £200
  • Calibration Certificate £20

P.O.A. Other repairs or for battery replacement
All prices +vat

Grax Ltd
Tel: 0115 927 9993

Fracarro UK Ltd - Home Fibre

product fraccoFibre Optic for DVB-T and SAT distribution systems in residential buildings up to 4 SAT + DVB-T over just one cable. From Fracarro's extensive experience in signal management, Fracarro introduces the new Home Fibre, a highly innovative solution, designed to enable fibre optic DVB-T and SAT distribution systems in residential buildings, from the antenna to the wall outlet.

Fracarro offer a range of home fibre products including transmitters, WDM diplexers, receivers, splitters, taps and optical cables.

Advantages of Home Fibre

Reliability - Enables the transfer of signals without loss or degradation over long distances (attenuation 0.3dB/Km). Immune to electrical and environmental interferences and is therefore ideally suited for those particularly difficult installations.

Flexibility - Enables complex systems with a high number of outlets to be designed easily (1 TX for 128 outlets). Compatible integration with existing coax systems. Cascadeable distribution typical of multiswitch topography (tree & branch or star wired).

Ease of Installation - Simplifies cabling due to the extremely small cables and connectors (only 3mm). Use of traditional dish and LNB array. No specialised optical alignment equipment required.

Fracarro UK Ltd
Tel: 01908 571571

Blake UK Ltd - HDMI 500m Extender over Co-axial cable

The PROHDEXCX2 enables up to 80 channels of 1080p high-definition resolution video and audio to be extended up to 500 meters over RG6 (minimum) type, high quality coaxial cable. It is supplied with 2 power supply units.


  • Extends 1080p HDMI 500M over HQ RG6 (minimum) coaxial cable
  • TX unit: HDMI input / F-type (female) output
  • RX unit: F-type (female) input / HDMI output
  • DC 5V / 1A power input (two pieces in kit).
  • Status of power input indicators.
  • High quality / performance.
  • Low cost
  • Easy to install and simple to operate solution.

Blake UK Ltd
Tel: 0114 223 5000

Antiference – Product Catalogue

product anteferenceAfter several man hours of extensive work Antiference have an all new look 2017-18 catalogue out now.  They claim it to be their best yet and packed with so much ‘good stuff’ you won’t want to put it down!  New products have been introduced and list all the product information you need in easy quick reference icons.  Now you can see ALL products in very detailed imaging.  It is a brand new A5 size giving you larger pages and is clearly sectioned for easy reference with information only pages helping you with products. The ‘old’ important information – still there on the back pages (transmitter guide).  They will be available to pick up from stand 15 at Evolving Connectivity 2017 or contact the sales line on 01675 465487 or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your free copy. 

Antiference Ltd
Tel: 01675 465 487

Aerials & Cable Equipment – mHub 4K PRO

product aerial and cableWith backlit touch panel controls and an all-aluminum design, the new MHUB 4K PRO is the first HDA multiroom system to feature an onboard IP gateway for generating IR commands.

IP2IR-GEN™ technology enables the control of sources and displays via the free uControl App or via MHUB 4K PRO’s API. In a world of emerging home automation options, such as apps, universal remotes and voice control the possibilities are endless with an MHUB 4K PRO.

Aerials & Cable Equipment Ltd
Tel: 01242 511511

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