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Product News

Webro Cables & Connectors - WF100 Cable is now Rated at CPR Class Cca level!

Are you looking for a high fire safety coaxial cable that is also CAI-approved? Our CAI-approved WF100 cable is now rated at CPR class Cca level!

WF100 LSNH Black

Sheathed in LSNH, our Class Cca WF100 has a 1.00mm plain annealed copper conductor, along with copper foil tape and plain copper wire screens.

As it is double screened, this gives the cable much greater flexibility compared with most other high fire safety coaxial cables. Our Class Cca WF100 cable can be used indoors, as well as externally, making it the ideal choice for installers who need a CAI-approved cable for high fire risk locations.

WF100 is the UK’s most popular coaxial cable for TV and Satellite installations. There are many other products in the WF range, with conductor sizes ranging from 0.65 to 3.4mm, including twin and 5 core plus earth versions of our WF100 cable up to CPR class Dca, as well as our Sky twin WF65 cable.

Our Class Cca WF100 cable is available from stock for next-day delivery. For more information, contact our sales team on 0115 9724483, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Link to http://www.webro.com/coaxial/tv-satellite/wf100-cable/

Global Invacom - FibreIRS Redundancy Switch

product global invacom fibreirs redundancy switchThe NEW Global Invacom FibreIRS Redundancy Switch detects RF and optical power outages and switches automatically between the antennas (with an adjustable delay for switching back) The product has two LED’s showing the currently operating antenna. Useable with other products in the range such as the ODU32.

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510

Global Invacom - FibreIRS SwitchBlade

product global invacom fibreirs switchbladeThe Global Invacom FibreIRS SwitchBlade, a unique design that allows satellites to be added as and when required up to a maximum of four satellites. Switchblade can be used in conjunction with both the ODU32 or Optical LNB and incorporates Frequency Morphing Technology (FMT) that allows the SwitchBlade system to be programmed for use anywhere in the world.

Two versions are available an 8 output and 16 output version.

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510

Global Invacom - FibreIRS dSCR GTU

product global invacom fibreirs dcsrThe New Global Invacom FibreIRS dSCR GTU comes with a white cover and converts optical power to RF power (4 satellite bands and FM,DAB,DTT). Terrestrial signals are overlaid onto both output ports. All units have built in AGC which allows a wide dynamic range of optical levels without affecting output power and quality. One LED indicator allows the user to monitor the status of the unit. Able to work in legacy, analogue SCR (aSCR) and digital SCR (dSCR) MODES. 

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510

Global Invacom - FibreIRS dCSS Adapter

product global invacom fibreirs dcss adapterThe New Global Invacom FibreIRS dCSS adapter has been designed to work with the SwitchBlade fibre multiswitch system to enable full Digital Channel Stacking functionality. It is also compatible for use with a standard multiswitch, DBS Quad/Quatro LNB and Quad/Quatro GTU’s.

Global Invacom
Tel: 01438 310510