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New CAI document for ‘Guidelines & Templates’

The CAI has produced an explanatory document following a number of calls and enquiries regarding the availability of channels on additional Freeview Commercial HD multiplexes (COM7 & COM8) that have emerged in some areas, along with a local carriage mux.  Members can issue this single page document to clients when the message of areas being ‘out of range’ of the additional muxes is not being understood or accepted. 

Some members are having a difficult time convincing clients that the additional muxes are not receivable in any robust condition on the outskirts of transmitter coverage.  It is non-technical document that simply lays out the fact that some broadcasts are low-powered when compared to the public services transmissions and are sometimes difficult to receive on the fringes of the service area covered by some transmitters. - http://cai.org.uk/downloadables/viewcategory/22-system-specifications-and-signal-records.   

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